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PLEIADES is a luxurious brand of custom-made lighting fixtures. It was founded by two sisters, Justė and Iveta and is based in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Every chandelier PLEIADES creates and produces is a unique handcrafted object that embodies both contemporary design and classiness of the post World War I era of Art Deco. That is where PLEIADES draws influence and inspiration from. The time when luxurious and opulent lifestyle was at its zenith and when aesthetic satisfaction was the core philosophy in art, design and life at large.

Behind the fancy name for a brand, PLEIADES is the brightest cluster of seven stars near to the constellation Taurus. This is one of the nearest star clusters to Earth and perhaps the most beautiful to the naked eye, best visible in the Northern hemisphere on November evenings. In Greek mythology Pleiades are seven sisters, daughters of the titan Atlas, who is carrying heavens on his shoulders.


While Justė and Iveta are just two the sisters, PLEIADES work with a bigger team of creative souls and artisans. The way in which the objects are produced is as important as the designs themselves. Each chandelier is made with signature attention to detail and in close collaboration with the client to fully implement their vision and create something that would adorn any environment, whether it’s a private home, restaurant, hotel or studio.

PLEIADES is not a necessity, but rather a joie de vivre, a guilty pleasure.



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