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Iconic Neringa Hotel in Vilnius centre with a seaside concept.


Interior designers had a concept of the hotel - calm seaside, and a drawn idea of the main installation in reception. It was a lot of “water drops” on the brass frames, but the same idea had to be continued in lighting pieces in lobby bar, above reception table and main suite.


Materials: Unique technique was used on the glass which reminds of a reflections of water. The main reception piece is made from metal frame dyed as rustic brass and grass pieces.

Size: Diameter 1800mm Hight 1200mm

Above reception table four lighting pieces, each has two glass “water drops” and light directed to the table.

Size of one piece: Wide 600mm  Hight 700mm

Lobby bar is decorated with four big glass lighting pieces, where’s the led panel is above the glass that  brings out the details of the vitrage.

Size of one piece: Wide 1000 Length 800 Hight 20

Main suite is decorated with a composition of two smaller pieces like in the lobby bar.

Size of one piece: Wide 600 Length 400 Hight 20

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