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Private home


To create for private space is most challenging because client is looking at the same object many times a day and very closely. So the design has to have no flaws. 

In this house we had to fill a big space of living and dining room combined. Nevertheless on top part of the wall was an additional window section that made the space visually even bigger. The decision was made to make separate lighting pieces for dining table and living space - which would be the main accent of the room. The idea for the living room was to continue the sky image and create a sculptural lighting cloud, make it eye-catching, but light.


Living room

Materials: wooden frame, plexiglass, G4 light bulbs.

Size Hight 800mm Length 1800mm Width 600mm

Dining table 

Materials: aluminium frame, plexiglass, G9 light bulbs.

Size of one piece: Hight 500mm Length 350mm Width 60mm

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